Work in Progress: AScript

AScript is a text editor specially suited to working with Avernumscript. It provides syntax coloring, line numbering, and syntax checking via Alint. In the interest of getting a finished product released to the community, I am putting off a few features for a future release and making the current version, 0.9b, availible for public beta-testing. The program is for Mac OS, and functions under versions 10.4 and 10.3.9, but I do not yet know the full extent of its compatability.

I appreciate the effort undertaken by anyone who will tests the program, and if you encounter any problems, or have any suggestions, please contact me at niemandcw(at)gmail(dot)com (Just replace the parenthesized sections with an @ and a . to get a usable address). So, if interested, feel free to download (467K) the beta and try it out.

If you're interested in the source code, here is a recent snapshot (1.2M). Please be warned that it is an ugly mess, which has grown rather organically, rather than being properly planned. Still, if you feel like tinkering, you can, and patches are certainly welcome if you go to the work of making an improvement or fixing a bug.

Utility programs and so forth for use when designing Blades of Avernum scenarios.

3D Editor Icon3D Editor (Mac) v1.0.9Mac OS X compatibleAn improved version of the 3D Editordownload(496K)download source code(831K)
Dialogue Editor IconDialogue Editor (Mac)Mac OS X compatibleUsed for making town dialogue scriptsdownload(207K)download source code(35K)
Dialogue Editor IconDialogue Editor (Win)Windows compatibleA version of Dialogue Editor for Windowsdownload(124K)Source Code lost.
Graphic Adjuster IconGraphicAdjuster v2.0.5Mac OS X compatibleFor examining the effect of different icon adjust values on graphics in Blades of Avernum and creating Macintosh cmg filesdownload(123K)download source code(97K)
Magic Lab IconMagic LabMacintosh and Windows compatibleThis is actually a BoA scenario intended for analyzing the behavior of the built in spellsdownload(26K)
I also recommend the Alint program.