Finished Products:

A Visit to the Madhouse IconA Visit to the MadhouseMy entry in the 24 Hour Contest.
Blades of Rogue IconBlades of RogueA Rogue-like scenario featuring randomly generated levels.
Sorcerer's Apprentice IconThe Sorcerer's ApprenticeMy entry in the randomised scenario contest.
Stairway IconStairwayMy first scenario. Very short, and very surreal.
Wilderness IconWildernessJemand's first released scenario.

Works In Progress:

I am now almost finished with a new scenario, Blades of Rogue. It is loosely based on the old game Rogue, with many randomly generated levels of increasing difficulty. It is now in beta testing and should be ready for release in a matter of weeks.

Blades of RogueTotal in DesignFinishedPartially CompleteEstimated Percent of Completion
Outdoor Sections0---
Total Areas:11099%
A pair of screenshots:
Levels are generated randomly (35 Kb)
Familiar monsters can provide a whole new challange (28 Kb)

Wizards' Expedition is now on hold in order for me to finish up Blades of Rogue. It is intended for levels around 40-50. Progress is as follows:

Wizards' ExpeditionTotal in DesignFinishedPartially CompleteEstimated Percent of Completion
Outdoor Sections84472%
Total Areas:3016976%
Here are some screenshots:
A fight (25 Kb)
A fight in the dark (15 Kb)
A maze (17 Kb)
Some wizards (30 Kb)

My brother was working on a scenario, Bat Hunt, intended for level 1 parties.
Unfortunately, his hard drive died, and he lost about half of his work, because our backup was rather out of date. He has become disillusioned and has put work on hold.

Bat HuntTotal in DesignFinishedPartially CompleteEstimated Percent of Completion
Outdoor Sections0---
Total Areas:505?