abilswitchcreatureA creature which changes its special ability every turn as it fights.
ambushcreatureA creature which waits after spotting a target so as to ambush when the target has gotten closer.
beam_rotterrainUsed for rotating one or two beam projectors.
chaosterrainSimulates the town blowing up.
cleanupterrainCleans up the blood and slime in a town.
convertercreatureA creature which converts nearby summoned creatures to fight on its side.
cycleguardcreatureA guard script which patrols a set of waypoints in a cycle.
door2terrainAn improved door script that doesn't mess up if its terrain is changed and allows better use of unlock doors.
fieldspreadterrainUsed to make fields spread like quickfire.
helpcallcreatureA creature which calls on a group to help it fight.
mimiccreatureA creature which gains the stats of its opponent.


BouldersA set of bouldersterrainA set of assorted boulders from BoA.
These graphics originally included floors, which have been removed
Centaur ArcherA centuar with a bow and arrowcreatureA centaur armed with bow and arrows, by Jemand
CloudsCloudsterrainA set of puffy white clouds
CoffinA wooden coffinterrainClosed and open coffin graphics
CowA black and white cowcreatureA surface cow. Moo.
Destroyed EquipmentBroken and destroyed machinesterrainVarious shattered and melted bits of magical equipment
Floating LogsLogs which can be floated in waterterrainSets of logs which look like they are floating when placed on top of water
Golem PartsA golem legitemItem icons for pieces matching sheet 1644 (Golem of Blades)
Greater DemonA demon with four armscreatureA slightly larger demon with four arms
Icy CliffAn ice covered cliffterrainCliffs covered with ice and snow